December 29, 2012

DIY Snowflake Ornaments

Happy Holidays!!!  I actually was one lucky girl this year and despite not being able to travel and taking no time off from my job.  My parents surprised me and made it to our place for Christmas Day and we got snow!  

This DIY is a little late since most people are in New Year's mode, but in honor of the White Christmas, I decided to post this anyway.   I saw it on Pinterest a while back and immediately had to pin it.  It didn’t turn out quite as well as had hoped, so instead of giving them as present toppings to the family I hung them on my own Christmas tree.  

My dough kept sticking and the cut-outs kept re-sealing with the rest of the dough.  To compensate, I think I had to add way too much cornstarch which in turn made these guys a little more brittle and dry looking than the beautiful originals.  I think this could be done with the hearts for valentine's day and I may try this again.  Has anyone had luck with this type of project?

You can check out my pinterest boards here and the original ornaments and directions here.  Happy Holidays!

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