February 20, 2013

The Modern Nature Themed Nursery: Birch Tree Mural

Mr. made it clear he didn't want an overly girly nursery and it was his study that was being taken away, so I wanted something that he would like (but wasn't too masculine--sorry hunter green and maroon didn't make the cut).  

We decided on the birch tree fad and a neutral nature base with pops of color.  I had already painted the room Sherwin Williams Modern Gray right before Baby Girl was in the picture so we kept the walls the same color and embellished the crib wall with a mural.  

Mr. did most of the painting since we were down to the wire on my due date and I was working long hours (too many) at work to wrap everything up.  We took a while to settle on the size/placement of the trees but once we did it was as easy as:

1 {tape off and paint tree trunks} 

2 {Paint Tree Branches}

3 {paint detail & fix branches you don't like w/ original wall color}

February 1, 2013

Maternity Wardrobe Musts


I can’t believe I only have three days before I get to meet Baby Magee!  I feel so blessed to be on this adventure and I pray that all is well.

When I got pregnant and started showing, I thought I had to go out and buy new clothes for my new shape.  Despite some generous friends, I still ended up purchasing more clothes than I needed and would have saved a little if I had just waited.  In the end I needed a lot less than I thought.

Use what you already have.  In the first two trimesters, invest only in items that will extend the life of your current wardrobe.  The rubber band trick and bella band almost took me to my third trimester (comfortably) and if you have leggings, just push the waistband below the bump.

Share with Friends.  I had generous friends that were my size-ish that gave me a variety of items and I still wear a few of these items today.  Maternity sizes are generous, so you never know until you try it on. Be sure to pay it forward and share your items with your friends when the time comes!

Know Your Style & Only Buy when you need things.  I bought a few items (casual dress, blouse) because I was so excited and thought I would wear the items throughout my pregnancy.   The dress ended up being too short for winter and the blouse was a little thin for comfort when winter hit and I would not own either if I was not pregnant.

Buy the Basics.  Stick to the tanks and tees and items that can be layered up with your normal clothes.  My black and gray tank tops got used just about every week at work with different jewelry/scarves/cardigans layered over them with my dress pants by the end.

Wash Often.  I only got two dress pants and one pair of jeans and survived the entire winter without wearing dresses to work.    I started incorporating laundry into my schedule instead of the once a week marathon and I felt like I had more time on the weekends.  I also heard this is something you’ll do after the baby is born anyway so you might as well get used to it.

Layer with Non-Maternity Items.  That black tank top can look very different depending whether you wear it under a dress, cardigan, scarf, that large necklace, etc.  Think of this as Kendi's 30 Day Challenge on Steroids.  Need inspiration?  There are a ton of posts on Pinterest and even if it's not "maternity", maybe you can pull it off maternity style.

Re-Organize the Closet.  Keep Cardigans, leggings, jackets, scarves, and jewelry in your main closet.  These are key throughout the pregnancy.  Banish the rest to the hall closet or out-of-season areas.  Who wants to dig through a closet that doesn't fit?

What did some of you find help when you were expecting?  I would love hear them!