November 27, 2012

The Cat Box Solution: Under the Vanity And Through The Hole

Finally!  We have completed a make-room-for-the baby project and have been home long enough to document it (or enough to share with the world).  The top thing that needed to go from the office for the nursery makeover was the cat litter box hogging the entire floor of the closet.  

Baby + Cat Litter Box = Very Bad

We finally decided to move the cat to on the foyer closet...with some modifications since we have a detached garage and no space in the laundry room.  I wanted the cat's throne set up so that we access it from the regular door in the foyer to maintain it and the cat accesses it through a new opening in our vanity/bathroom area. 

Instead of using a prefabricated cat door, Mr. treated it like the wall opening he did in the dining/living room.  He decided to leave the baseboard alone so we (or another homeowner) can put dry wall back in the future.  We only had to buy one board of door trim and one board of wall trim for Mr. to get to work.  Luckily we have a patient cat and he seems to we need to paint and redo the foyer closet to store things other than a cat box...after we finish that nursery.

November 6, 2012

Maternity Dress Remix

dress: Gap, Belt-Target; shoes-nine west; necklace-Mr.'s gift

Pregnancy has been a whirlwind!  Especially when I'm putting in the overtime at the full time job.  Baby girl keeps growing and Mr. and I have been steadily working in odds and ends around the house and visiting family in preparation.  I've also gotten to the need for "big" clothes.

Yep.  I suspect all expecting mothers have been here: tired of the pieces we can fit into and failing at the puny maternity corners at various stores.  When I do find a color I like, it seems like someone already beat me to the punch.  I did luck out with a pair of maternity jeans at Gap, belly bands from Target, and some shirts and dresses from from very generous friends.  Even so, I still drool over new pieces that come out (like a wrap dress at Gap right now).

One dress I did break down on was the blue boat neck dress from Gap (Probably my best deal ever- I should have gotten an award with all the sales and price adjustments I got).  

To help me resist the urge to shop for my ever-changing shape and to better use items already in my closet, I played around with different ways to wear this piece.  And wouldn't you know it, the morning after I do the post the dress image is available on the internet again?  So with the mediocre photo of the dress here are a couple of other options I plan to use this winter.

hose-Old Navy; shoes-Loft; vest-Land's End (Sears)

shoes-DSW (nicole ranger riding boot); belt-Banana Republic; scarf-So Vera Wang, Kohl's

What tricks have you used to go easier on your wallet and up your maternity style?