August 2, 2013

Hanging a Nursery Gallery Wall

I finally got around to doing Baby Girl's gallery wall, which was actually one of the first things I had in my mind.  The artwork on the right is a calendar print from the amazing artist Michelle Armas and it inspired the colors of the nursery and I wanted my daughter to have it in her room.  

This project should have taken about a week, maximum but I managed to do it over the course of two months.  Yep, we've been staring at newspaper squares for nearly that long.  

I don't know how other people hang things, but I cut out the frame shapes on the newspapers our local company insists on tossing in our front yard Wednesday-Friday and put up the arrangement I liked most when laying the frames out on the floor (and staring at the photos of the arrangements for a week).  I like the paper and tape route since I can mark the nail location within the frame and stud locations on the paper and not worry about erasing them later.  I also hang top to bottom and hang the biggest/most important one first so that I can move things around.

1. 2011 Calendar Print - Michelle Armas, her blog here or 2013 calendar at her etsy shop here; Ribba Frame - Ikea
2 . Zinc Letters - Gray Living 
3. Target Threshold Frame
4.  Target Threshold Frame; Spoon, antique (my grandmother kept it and it was my great-great-great aunt's of the same name).
5.  Ikea Frame
6.  'You make everything better' printable from Paper Coterie, Printed at Office Depot.  Frame-Ikea

*UPDATE:  If you hang anything above your little one's changing table, be sure to get some double sided tape or velcro to secure the frames.  My daughter decided to play with them at about 6-7 months and it wasn't fair to always have to tell her no or worry that they would land on her.