March 17, 2014

Nursery Pink-Orange-Yellow Honey Comb Curtains

I really like this print by Amanda at Wit & Whistle but I wanted a larger piece in my daughter's room.  I also had a template for the octagons in the Ed Roth stencil kit and lots of white cotton fabric laying around the house from other projects that never happened so I decided to try my curtain experiment.

I found stencils and fabric to be a little tricky and I ended up tracing the octagons and painting them in freehand instead of using the stencil the intended way.  I also used acrylic paint with a fabric medium mixed in for more control in my colors without having to figure out the amount and mixes for each color, next time I would use fabric paint and figure out the mixes since these curtains are a little crunchy. I would be pickier if they weren't in a kid's room that will probably change in a few years anyway...and if they didn't take me over a month to finish.

One benefit to taking so long is I saw a post over on Young House Love to use clips for pleated curtains. I had over 30 bath rings with clips leftover from my apartment dwelling days and thought it would be much easier than determining the exact length of fabric needed for each panel (score!). Overall, these curtains provide a much-needed update to my daughter's blank wall.