December 11, 2013

DIY Gifts: Map Artwork

Last Christmas I was going through a map phase and we opted to make map art for our family.  To personalize them, we chose to do the area around each of their homes.  

To repeat this project you will need: A printed map (ours was on letter sized paper), Micron Pen - 03 thickness, art paper made for ink (found at local craft store), & masking tape. 

Steps:  Tape Map to window.  Tape art paper over map.  Draw lines (hatch) anywhere there are buildings or open space.  Leave the water and streets as voids.  Continue until entire sheet is complete. Frame & Hang. 

We finished ours off (many hours later) with black gallery frames before giving them to our family.  Have you done something like this already?  I'd love to see what map inspired artwork you have created.