October 15, 2012

Checking it off the House List: Sanding Doors

When making room for Baby Magee, other more boring but necessary house projects have been added to our list that otherwise had been ignored.  One of those is the fact that the guest bathroom door to the future nursery doesn't close (among other doors).  To tackle this task, we used an amazing hand tool: the metal file.  It's like a cheese grater for doors and we now have doors shutting and latching that haven't shut since we moved in.  Time?  Almost none.  I cooked dinner while Mr. grabbed the tool and step ladder land Mr. was done with three doors before food was on the table. How amazing is that?   It's almost embarrassing that it took my dad buying the $10 tool at Lowes and 3 years to do this.  

*Tip:  If you have cheap hollow core doors like we do, score the the top or bottom of the door to the line that you want to sand to to prevent snagging and pulling the veneer off unevenly when filing against the wood grain.

October 10, 2012

The Nursery {design} Adventures Begin

Mr. and I avoided all naming, shopping, and nursery themes until the gender reveal of mini-magee.  Now that we know that it is baby girl (and I’ve convinced Mr. that he doesn’t have to chase every boy on our block away), we have started the nursery adventure.  

This weekend was filled with family and window shopping which led to a much needed break from random searches online and led to a bunch of 'ah-ha!' moments.  

My mom started by asking  “Why not do something nature themed like your wedding invitations you designed?”  *Ping!*  You mean we can make the room more like us for now?

*Ping!*  The first crib set that we remotely liked was Argington's Gingko Crib bedding set at Buy Buy Baby during the crib adventures {can be found here}.

*Ping!* While testing Ikea's rocker, we came across this amazing butterfly artwork at Ikea {Olunda Picture by Lola Frazer}.

You know the best part of these inspiration pieces?  Mr. didn't completely curl his lip at these!  So Mr. just might be ready for this girly thing yet, or at least ready to tolerate it.  {stay tuned for color themes and online inspiration}