May 29, 2012

Modern Gray Computer Room

Work definitely hit me full force today, but it was worth the summer kick-off weekend!  I had quiet girl weekend since Mr. was away.  I was going to drink wine and watch chick flicks but a headache hit me Saturday and didn't leave until this morning while I was at work {shouldn't it be the other way around?}.  

Since I felt crappy, I decided to be productive and took advantage of the Sherwin Williams Sunny Days Sale.   I bought Color #7632 - Modern Gray in Eggshell.  

I like this color so much, I wish I'd found this and the close contenders for the rooms we already painted. It is my new go-to greige paint and it helps lighten up the small 3rd bedroom without being white.  I took the first step to make this the home office, but for now it remains the new cat perch and "computer" {junk} room.

{enough said}

May 24, 2012

Removing Gum from Your Clothes with Vinegar

Mr. sat in gum and stained one of his two pairs of shorts…so with the heat coming {and Mr. refusing to do this like I told him} I researched ideas for removing this stain.  I found a lot of methods to try that ranged from ice cubes to ironing.  I chose the vinegar route.  This is a main ingredient for many cleaning and cooking recipes that I've used {including clothing stains} so I trusted it the most.

Here are the shorts before:

In order to treat a gum stain, you need:
1.  Vinegar
2. Small Glass Bowl or Cup
3.  Old Toothbrush 
4. Paper Towel {Optional}

1. Pour 1/3 Cup into small Glass Bowl {or enough to cover toothbrush for dipping}
2.  Microwave until warm {2-3 minutes}
3.  Dip toothbrush into warm vinegar and scrub stain
4.  Wipe off any excess gum off toothbrush before dipping back into vinegar
5.  Wash Clothing like normal.

Here's what the shorts look liked after:

These photos have been unedited, so the only way they'd look better is if someone was  {eh-hem} wearing them.  But seriously, vinegar is amazing and is a must have in the house especially if there is a guy around.  What unique ways have you used vinegar?

May 18, 2012

Battling the Kitchen & Making a Plan

Okay, first off - sorry for the long break.  I took a much needed vacation last weekend and I've been focused on simplifying the Magee kitchen after work since.  

I hate scrambling and feeling like I’m behind before I’ve even started….and asking “what’s for dinner” over 30 minutes after it should have been started. 

Have you heard of Trina Holden?  She writes this digital book called “Real{fast} Food”.   Basically she plans a month’s worth of meals at once, shops for everything once a month and preps things for easy cooking or reheating later.  She claims this is a win-win since she eats healthier on a budget and has more time to do things outside of the kitchen.

I’m on the 5-6 day plan.   I meal planned Monday and Tuesday,  shopped Tuesday night {because we were starving otherwise}, prepped and froze my ground beef Wednesday, and grated/cut the blocks of Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese on Friday. 

I don’t think I’ll be making my own tortillas just yet and I'm pretty sure I'll be making another grocery run to fill the holes on the part of the meal plan made after my Tuesday trip, but it's a start.  Plus, I still need to purge and use foods in the freezer, fridge, and pantry that we don’t normally use {assuming they aren't expired}.  

Last night we had white beans from the crock pot and I can't even remember why I bought these...Anyway, what tips have you have discovered over the years?  Happy Friday, everyone!

May 10, 2012

Ranunculus on the brain & Painting with Gouache

Ever since I pulled out the wedding photos and saw the vibrant Ranunculus bouquets, I couldn't get them out of my mind.  They just scream spring, happiness, and moms.  So I started dreaming of doing Mother's Day watercolor cards for everyone, I even saved this photograph on my desktop for the occasion in preparation of my next project:


Then I saw a post on Wit & Whistle about using Gouache Paint...and I realized I hadn't painted in over five years.  I bought some Gouache Paint and started practicing.  I learned two things very quickly:  

1.  Amanda at Wit and Whistle isn't kidding when she says the cheap stuff seems to be dull. 
2.  I am way out of practice on all things art.

After several nights of practicing and trying different methods.  I finally painted a few cards good enough to give to my family (I even finagled Mr. to do one for his grandmother).

Ranunculus might be a stretch on the card and I need to track down better paint, but I'm glad to be painting again.