February 26, 2012

Wardrobe Project - Week 2

I think finally got the lighting/photography down....on the final day!  My biggest challenge is letting go of unflattering comfortable clothes and keeping up with the ironing for both husband and myself.  (Maybe a new division of the household chores is in order?)

  WIW: shirt, cardigan, and necklace -Banana Republic, Spring 2011; Jeans - Express DPD Line; Belt - Target; Shoes - Fossil, you can find a similar pair here.

February 21, 2012

The Wardrobe Project: Week 1

First of all, I apologize for my photography.  I have a good camera, so therefore no excuse.  This 1961 House has terrible lighting and I leave for work before sunrise and get home after sunset this time of year.  I will do some more reading to get up to speed on how to compensate for the bad lighting.

One of my goals for 2012 was to have a more efficient household and I am starting with my closet & wardrobe.  I grew up in a household that importance was not placed on fashion and I had plenty of closet space (thankfully) so clothing and clothing care is not something I was taught.  I work in a field where I am the only woman on the professional staff and most of the men wear their khakis and free golf polo’s nearly every day. 

Step 1:  Purge.
I started the year by getting rid of what I don’t wear, shouldn’t be wearing, and doesn’t look good on me.  No more keeping it just because I feel guilty that it was expensive or I might grow/shrink into it.   It took a few weekends, but I donated 5 tall kitchen bags of clothing (not just mine) and I think there will be more in the pile as I hit the summer wardrobe and assess my outfits on a more regular basis.  I have a long way to go on this art form.

Step 2:  Organize.
I thought I needed a whole new closet to make up for the lack of rod space in a shared reach-in closet, but I was wrong.  I did get a cheap hanging rod for my half of the closet, but I also learned how to store and fold sweaters, undershirts, and jeans for a more efficient use of closet space.  I also banned out of season clothing to the top of the hallway closet.  I can see what I have more quickly, despite the sliding doors that block half of the closet at a time (these drive me crazy since I grew up with a walk-in closet & had 100% visibility).

Step 3: Document.
In effort to determine my style and log what I really do and don’t need to fill in the gaps, I am documenting my outfits.  So here goes….

WEEK 1 (February 13-17)


Purple Sweater-banana republic; Scarf - ann taylor;  Pants – express;  Shoes – dsw; earrings-graduation gift (gordon jewelers)

Magenta Cardigan-banana republic; knit dress – gap; black tights-target; shoes – ann taylor loft;  watch- fossil

Gray Cardigan-Nordstrom; blue shirt-Marshalls; Gray Pants-Gap; black pumps-Nine West; earrings-target; watch-fossil

Shirt-Express; Pants-Express; black flats-Nine West; bracelet-family (my grandmother received it as a wedding gift); Necklace –Gift/Etsy;

      Friday (Vacation Time!!!):
Shirt-Target ; cardigan-Target; jeans-Express (long time ago); shoes-steve madden;

{What I’ve learned} 
  • Seeing myself is photos is odd & what I thought is "ok" is just plain bad.
  •  My photography skills need work.
  • I really like that scarf and would have worn it every day if I could even though we had a hot February day of seventy something on Wednesday. 
  •  I’m not sure about those Thursday pants, they seem to do a wrinkle thing on the back of the legs (maybe it’s the flats?).  The pants are pretty old and may need to go even though I really like how they feel.  Actually, the whole outfit is kind of a flop.